Our customers are all different.
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At Internaxx, we’re driven by one clear purpose - to provide you with a better home for your investments. We put our customers at the heart of everything we do. Anticipating your needs and understanding your individual goals form the core of the personal service we offer.

The Internaxx difference… in our
customers’ own words

Product choice

"Easy access to markets and products virtually inaccessible elsewhere."

"Broad range of third party funds and asset classes."

"Trade in different currencies in almost all stock exchanges worldwide."



Platform performance

"I think it is one of the best platforms for regular trading in a seamless manner."

"Fast, efficient, intuitive solution - info is accurate and easily accessible, execution is quick and simple."

"Simplicity, range of market options and tools through one, convenient trading platform."

International expertise

"Well regulated, great security. I trust that I can effectively execute transactions online."

"Reliable, stable service backed by a strong, dependable brand. Privacy of Luxembourg location."

"I trust the Internaxx brand and the Luxembourg location."

"Confidence that my funds held are relatively safe - The Luxembourg location, which has a good jurisdictional reputation."



Competitive pricing

"Lower commission than many other providers, transparent costs."

"Few other providers offer a similar service at this fee level."

"Good value for money, low trading and management fees."

Independent research

"Easy of use and depth of research statistics."

"Self-service capabilities, completeness of information. Historical data is available."

"Efficient, quick, simple access to good information, presented in a professional manner."


customer care

World-class support

"The account was easy to set up. I like the secure inbox and the ability to consolidate my portfolio."

"There are few sites for expat investment. Internaxx is one of the best. Staff have excellent language skills."

"Convenience of transferring funds in and out of my account in multiple currencies, in addition to the mobile app."

"Service is much more responsive at Internaxx than anywhere else I’ve done business."

"Professional, knowledgeable and helpful - a very personal feel to the service on the phone or email."

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